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Ripping off the Poorest of Society

payday-loansA new report by National People's Action, The Predators' Creditors, reveals that amidst record high unemployment, foreclosures, and budget deficits, Wall Street's biggest banks are now helping the bottom feeders in the loan industry: Payday Lenders.

Big banks--the same banks who received TARP funds to bail them out--are extending billions of dollars in credit to payday loan companies that feed on the economic misery of urban and rural low income working families, with usuriously high interest rates at an average 455%.

Wells Fargo is the biggest single enabler of payday lenders, the report finds, followed by Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, US Bank, Banco Popular and Wachovia. Wells Fargo finances about one-third of this predatory industry based on SEC and other government filings from public companies only.

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