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News Heroes
Economist That Don't Pull Punches
Bill Black
Bill Black: Jobs Now, Stop the Foreclosures, Jail the Banksters (11/02/11) [14:53]

Bill Black on Banking Malfeasance (11/23/11) [11:29]

* Bill Black: Economic Collapse Part 1 [10:00], Part 2 [10:00], Part 3 [10:00], Part 4 [10:00], Part 5 [10:00]

More videos on the Heroes menu.
Michael Hudson
Michael Hudson - on bank bailouts, the gold standard & the US dollar (09/01/11) [10:33]

RT: Michael Hudson on Clinton, Banksters, and Revolution - Capital Account (11/07/11) [28:04]

RT: Michael Hudson on Capital Account w/Lauren Lyster Part 1 (11/07/11) [8:33], RT: Part 2 [6:15]

TRNN: Occupy Wall St - We Need Systemic Change (10/06/11) [9:57]

Richard Wolff
*Capitalism Hits the Fan Film Screening by Richard Wolff (03/10/10) [1:44:18]

Hartmann: The Euro crisis... are we as badly f***ked as it looks? (11/30/11) [12:37]

Richard Wolff: Eurozone Woes Created By Mating "Dysfunctional" Political & Economic Systems (12/02/11) [20:07]

*Michael Hudson & Richard Wolff on the Debt Crisis in Greece and Europe

Talk Show Hosts
Dylan Ratigan
MSNBC: Dylan Ratigan - Bernie Sanders - Reining in corporations (11/09/11) [10:36]

MSNBC: Dylan Ratigan - Bill Black - Use RICO Act to Prosecute Banks and Corrupt Politicians (10/23/11) [9:38]

MSNBC: Dylan Ratigan - Bernie Sanders - Audit Exposes Secrets, Corruption of Federal Reserve (10/19/11) [11:33]
Keith Olbermann
Ed Show

Matt Taibbi
Matt Taibbi: on Judge Rakoff's Rejection of Citigroup Settlement (11/28/11) [3:28]

LOT more videos and GREAT articles on Matt Taibbi on the Heroes menu.
Democracy Now
Democracy Now videos

Democracy Now website

LOT of GREAT newscast videos
The Real News Network
TRNN videos

The Real News Network website

LOT of GREAT interviews

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders - Reining in corporations (11/09/11) [10:36]

Bernie Sanders - Audit Exposes Secrets, Corruption of Federal Reserve (10/19/11) [11:33]
Alan Grayson
Alan Grayson: 26 TRILLION Dollars In Bank Bailouts! That's Not Including TARP! (11/28/11) [7:23]

Marcy Kaptur
Wake up People! Why Cant US Taxpayers Get The Same Deal Warren Buffett Arranged!! [7:55]

Marcy Kaptur chews up Tim Geithner [6:08]

Kaptur calls Pelosi, Paulson CRIMINALS!!!

This Is Unacceptable In America! Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur [5:54]

Jobs - How Loud Do Alarm Bells Have To Ring? [5:49]

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