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matt taibbi
Matt Taibbi | Writer, Speaker, Author, RollingStone

Web site: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog

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Nomi Prins | Financial Adviser, Author, Speaker

Web site: http://www.nomiprins.com/
Web Site: http://www.thedailybeast.com/contributors/nomi-prins.html

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Joan Veon | Investigative Reporter, Speaker, Author

Web site: http://www.womensgroup.org

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Bernie Sanders | Senator from Vermont

Web site: http://sanders.senate.gov

Sen Bernie Sanders Amazing Speech (12/02/10) [13:09]
Either We Live In An Oligarchy Or A Democracy! I think It's An Oligarchy! Sen Sanders (05/18/10) [6:33]
"This Country Is Moving In The Direction Of An Oligarchy!" Senator Bernie Sanders (01/25/11) [8:33]

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bill black
Bill Black | Regulator, Speaker, Author

Web site:

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | William K. Black (04/03/09) [28:38]
Bill Black: House Finance Committee hearing on Lehman Bros (04/22/10) [8:00]
Bill Black: Economic Collapse Part 1 [10:00], Part 2 [10:00], Part 3 [10:00], Part 4 [10:00], Part 5 [10:00]
Making Money Out of Market Crash (08/21/11) [10:59]

Michael Hudson | Economist, Authors, Speaker

Web site: http://wwwmichael-hudson.com/

Michael Hudson: US Black Debt Hole: 'We want you all bankrupt!' [10:55]

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Richard Wolff
Richard Wolff | Economist, Author, Speaker

Web site: http://rdwolff.com/

*Capitalism Hits the Fan Film Screening by Richard Wolff (03/10/10) [1:44:18]
Why the Economic Crisis Deepens - Richard Wolff [2:02:21]
Capitalism Hits the Fan (Older, less polished) - Richard Wolff [1:45:08]

Keith Olbermann | Talk show host

Web site:

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Eliot Spitzer | Talk show host

Web site:

Ed Schultz Show | Talk show host

Web site:

Dylan Ratigan | Talk show host

Web site:

Undo Citizens United (12/09/11) [9:55]
*Dylan Rattigan Gets Emotional About Debt (12/08/11) [4:45]
Fraudclosure Video-Dylan Ratigan (11/04/11) [11:02]

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Paul Jay and TRNN | Interviewer

Web site: http://therealnews.com/t2/

TRNN: Michael Hudson: Senate Bill Threatens Currency War with China (10/18/11) [9:51]
TRNN: The Dollar, the Euro and the Deepening Crisis
TRNN: Bill Black, Regulations on Speculation Weak, But Better Than Nothing (10/18/11) [13:27]

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Max Keiser | Financial Consultant, Internet News

Web site: http://maxkeiser.com

Serious Side
Kingmajah: Max Keiser on the Goldman Sachs oligarchy Part 1 [8:40], Part 2 [4:55]
It Would Be Funny If It Wasn't So Sad | True
Max Keiser bravely fends off the financial trolls - 10 O'clock live (04/14/11) [10:19]
Max Keiser Bankers are Financial Terrorist worse than Bin Laden Part 1 (03/29/09) [7:29], Part 2 [8:14]
Gaddafi's Stolen Billions: Max Keiser Explains 'Financial Terrorism' (06/03/11) [6:07]
Interesting Interview with Nomi Prins
Max Keiser interviews Nomi Prins, author of "Black Tuesday" book

For Videos and Articles go here

Noam Chomsky | Linguist , Author, Speaker

Web site:

Noam Chomsky - Global Hegemony: the Facts, the Images, April 20, 2011 [1:22:57]

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